Totole Granulated Chicken Flavor Soup Base mix is the best condiment for all kinds of gourmet cooking. The new and improved formula delivers a rich chicken flavor.

Contents: 1Kg

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参考: C1056
A convenient sweet soy-based cooking sauce. As a seasoning for your favorite stir-fry, or as a sauce over noodles and rice. Ingredients: Sugar, water, soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, wheat, caramel color, high...
参考: C1641
Ingredients: soybean oil (45%), chilli (35%), tofu (soybean, water) (8%), salt, garlic, sugar, flavour enhacer (E621), flavouring. Allergens: Soybean. Content: 280G
参考: C1077
LongKou Bean threads Vermicelli, which is also called Saifun noodles, is part of Chinese traditional staple diet. Made of high quality, and top grade peas, the Bean threads are used in salad, stir-fries, hot pot and...
参考: C1270
Rice flour is preferred by people who are allergic to gluten. With this reason, it is widely used as an alternative to wheat flour. To make rice flour, white rice is hulled and then ground into fine powder. Rice flour...
参考: C1136
This Chiew is made mainly from Golden Star Brand Kaoling Chiew with the admixture of distilled fresh rose of a famous variety and granulated sugar. It has a permanent fragrant flavour and a slightly sweet taste. It is...
参考: C1327
It is made with organic Aloe Vera, organic cane sugar, honey and it contains the highest amount of Aloe Vera in the industry. Aloe Vera King Original is internationally awarded for the taste and the quality. If there...
参考: C1010
优惠:购买5个单位+1个礼品单位 Hoi Sin sauce has its roots in Cantonese cooking style, but nowadays is an indispensable ingredient in Chinese cuisines. The number 1 Chinese sauce brand Lee Kum Kee produces it with its authentic...
参考: T5091
Lamthong Bamboo Shoot Strips in Water. It's made from finest and freshest Bamboo shoot in Thailand which gives you authentic Bamboo aroma.  Contents: 540g